Caribbean Life TV Network (CLTV Network)

CLTV is motivated to roll-out CLTV Network as a Home for the Caribbean Diaspora using this platform to house and share programming of the lifestyles and cultures of Caribbean people and community! With a mission to globally connect the Caribbean culture to a worldwide audience. The CLTV team is dedicated to showcase all islands and countries of Caribbean heritage.

In 2018, CLTV hit the ground running at the Atlanta DeKalb Carnival Media Day. CLTV showcased all the band launches, interviewed all the band leaders, entertainers and filmed the entire carnival 2018.  CLTV hasn’t looked back since!

CLTV receives non-stop requests to cover events and interview entertainers around the country.  Additionally, CLTV has been invited to cover award shows, sports and culinary events, Caribbean dance fitness and be a part of the U.S. Census 2020. This momentum has resulted in CLTV fast becoming a highly sought-after media platform. CLTV realized there was a need and has taken on this difficult task with the help of a highly motivated team of media professionals and content creators.  There’s a lot of content already out there in need of an umbrella, and that is CLTV.

CLTV’s platform is to produce and share programming from a Caribbean perspective. Its purpose is to inspire, motivate, educate and showcase every aspect of Caribbean culture and community. With a vision and mission to magnify all the islands which represents one culture, and to globally connect using the captured content and information. The provided platform will be telling the story from all the Caribbean people directly from Caribbean people around the world, capturing the essence of family, culture and politics – as it relates to where they are from and how the political decisions affect the lives as foreigners and at home. The reason for telling the story is to share the richest of the culture and how they are one in the same. The long-term goal is to provide reliable and consistent source of Caribbean focus content globally on Network Television, and Internet TV. The Internet TV will be comprised of five channels dedicated to promoting Caribbean content. The five channels include: Entertainment, Sports, Food & Fitness, Community and News, while running an Entertainment Show on Network Television.