About Rhonda Solomon


Rhonda Solomon, affectionately known as “Ro/RoSolo” is a Media Personality, Accountability Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, Event Host, and Author. She was born in the United States but spent her formative school years in St. Ann, Jamaica with her Aunt and Uncle. She later returned to the USA to complete her education. Due to the challenges of balancing professional and personal life, Ro was not able to complete her degree. Her tenacity to complete her degree lead her return to college in 2015 and Ro received her Bachelors in Arts (with a concentration on Human Resource Management) in October 2018.

Driven by her passion to provide the support to at-risk teens that were not provided to her, Ro created “The Phoenix Foundation”. The Phoenix Foundation provides a nurturing program, which allows teens to know they are not broken. The focus of the organization is to provide the support young teens often do not receive because society is too busy judging. Ro’s organization encourages young women to cultivate a phoenix mindset by rising above their current challenges, brushing off the dust, and becoming a Phoenix.

As a media personality, Ro is able to ignite her community on current events and issues. Ro hosts The RoSolo Show on www.106LiveRadio.com every Tuesday. She works as a host with Caribbean Life TV Network. In the summer of 2018 Ro became an official cast member of “Women on the Rise Atlanta”, which airs on Comcast in the Fall of 2018. As a Certified Life Coach, she has mastered the art of helping individuals uncover their true identity by cultivating a love affair with their passions and turning their passions into their life's purpose.

Ro’s WHY is to motivate and encourage others to focus on falling in love with themselves. She encourages and inspires by daring them to live their dreams. Cultivating a Dare to Dream mindset is Ro’s purpose, she is driven to mentor, uplift and walk others through their transformation. Her various platforms provide outlets for women to come together and discuss life’s challenges in a safe, secure and judgment-free environment.