Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly

Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly, A Native of Guyana, South America, is the Founder and President of the Caribbean and American Global Business Connections.

Sebrena is a Global Tv & Radio hostess & Producer, Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Actress, and Business Coach. She is a Master Networker & Mentor and has Leadership platforms in over 35 countries with Several Franchise Partners in the Network Marketing Industry in the Travel and Tourism Arena. She is the First Ambassador to implement the Dining Local Global Partnership Program for Businesses in the Restaurant Industry in Atlanta & NYC with her Global Company CABCGLOBAL TRAVEL.

Sebrena has been featured in Countless Publications such as: Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, People You Need To Know Magazine Presented her the Woman of the year Trailblazer Award. One of Atlanta’s prominent publication, Rolling Out Magazine Nominated Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly as One of the Top 25 Women to know and do business within Atlanta in 2013. In 2018, The Voyage Atlanta Magazine featured Mrs. Kelly highlighting her Contributions to the City of Atlanta in entrepreneurship and Media.

The Women Empowerment Network presented Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly with the Diamond of the Year Award in 2013 for her commitment to Empowering and Inspiring Global Communities. She was presented with the Called To Succeed Award from her Global Company in 2016 for her commitment to LEADERSHIP. In 2018 The Christian Women & Men Acts Of Faith Ministries for her dedicated services to the global communities by touching lived one at a Time.

Resolution No. 1699 was presented to Sebrena, by the US House of Representative in the state of Georgia for her Global efforts serving communities. The RICE AWARDS Nominated Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly as the FIRST Person of Caribbean Descent in the Business Person of the Year for 2018. In 2019, Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly, will. E launching her Global Women Platform for Women who are Unsung Voices of the World. She reminds her audience to remember their entrepreneurial gifts and SERVE the VOICELESS.