Caribbean Life TV Network


CLTV Community

Is dedicated to showcasing topics or experiences that is owned collectively by the Caribbean community connected to it. It’s for businesses, organizations and public figures. CLTV Community let you connect with others who share similar Caribbean lifestyles, culture, interests, and experiences.

CLTV Entertainment

Your #1 Source of Caribbean happenings in your area! From cinema, television, radio, theatre, music, and fashion, CLTV Entertainment Channel will hold the attention and interest of our Caribbean audience giving you pleasure and delight!

CLTV Food & Fitness

Learn how to live and stay fit Caribbean style! Love eating rice and peas, or peas and rice as Trini call it, or cook up rice like Guyanese call it! Our food experts will show you how to use Quinoa instead of rice for about 40 fewer calories than the same amount of white rice.

Restaurant Reviews

Healthy benefits of Caribbean food properties, etc.

Fitness & Wellness

Since Wellness is comprised of nutrition, physical and mental factors and habits. CLTV will showcase the various fitness activities that are done in the Caribbean culture that keeps the community healthy! Yes, it also includes lyming, whining, and some grinding!


Caribbean news from around the world.

CLTV Sports

CLTV Sports showcases Caribbean sports around the world! We are the exclusive Sports TV Channel for talent and sports stars in the Metro Atlanta Area; from the Soccer, Cricket and Net Ball Leagues.

Caribbean Life Cares

Caribbean Life Cares primary objectives are both philanthropy and social well-being (charitable, educational or other activities servicing the Caribbean public interest or common good). They partner with other Caribbean organizations in the support of disaster relief and recovery efforts in the Caribbean.