Cherrie Garden

While growing up in the beautiful island of Jamaica, Cherrie Garden aspired to be a doctor for all of her teenage years… but secretly she’d always had a hidden desire to replace Carson Daly as the next host on MTV’s TRL (Total Request Live)!

Her career began at the age of 14, by modeling formal wear every year at the Annual Wedding Extravaganza held at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston. After graduating Immaculate Conception High School in Jamaica she was accepted into Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia where she majored in Biology and English, Spanish minor on a Pre-Med track. Cherrie G. soon began to feel the call of the stage again and she decided to pursue her dreams of modeling, hosting and acting more fervently to make them a reality. She’s been on a roll since then!

She recently had people in tears with laughter starring in the hit Caribbean Comedy Stageplay “Resident Alien” as the production toured the East Coast. Within the past few months, Cherrie has emceed such prestigious events as The Indianapolis 500, The NCAA Final Four Championships FanZone, The Taste of Chicago, The Delta Airlines Block Party and many more. Cherrie G. has hosted the Atlanta television show, “Caribbean Focus TV,” on Comcast/Xfinity channel 25 since 2008, and she had even been selected as a semi-finalist in the official Miss Jamaica World Pageant .‎

Being raised in the elite suburbs of Kingston, Jamaica, a classy upper crust suave combines with a loyalty to her colorful Caribbean culture to create the entire package that is Cherrie Garden. More than just a pretty face, Cherrie G. is an urbane sophisticate endowed with finesse, articulate intelligence and a vividly dynamic personality that adds spice and flair to any affair.