Rebel Mas

I’m an 80s baby born with a natural flare for all things related to my culture and style. I began my creative journey as a Fashion Show Coordinator in Atlanta Ga, in 2008 and on, April 19, 2010, I embarked on my first #entreperneurial journey. #runwayrebel, local fashion show production company. From REBELs inception it has always been my goal to incorporate the two-#carnival & #fashion. In the ATL I am known as the women that closed out #fashionshows w/models wearing #carnivalcostumes. This idea resonated with so many that’s when I realized I was onto something great. Fast forward to Dec. 2017 #RebelMasCarnivalBlog was established with the encouragement from a dear friend. I have humble Boston/Trini beginnings… Striving to impact the eyes, minds, and hearts of all those who live for the next Mas adventure!!! Your favorite carnival journalist.